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  About Me  

Since childhood, art has been a passion of mine. I decided to follow my passion in post-secondary studies, and incorporate art into many aspects of my teaching career. I believe art, and a creation mind set, is a way of life, and finds its way into every corner of one‛s life, if one chooses to let it in.

The process of printmaking is so organic and visceral. I feel it marries the two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds of art together in a way that few other practices do. I love the way it feels to cut the linoleum blocks, to roll out the ink to just the right consistency, and because I lack a true printing press, I also love the pressure and strength I must place upon each print as I make it. An intention of printmaking is to have uniformity amongst one‛s prints; however, there are always slight variances in the thickness of line, and the texture of the ink, which makes each print unique in it‛s own way.


I attended Ontario College of Art and Design and York University‛s Fine Arts Studio Program. I‛m inspired by my Kanien‛kehaka heritage and language as well as our connections to the natural world, also my family and the children I work with each day.

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